ARRLNEWS Automatic RoIP Audio

Currently streaming ARRL Audio News July 19, 2024 ~13 minutes

The *ARRLNEWS* Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) system automatically plays back the ARRL Audio News for EchoLink, IRLP and other Amateur Radio RoIP systems. The home page for ARRlAudio News is at

The *ARRLNEWS* audio transmission will start automatically upon connecting and pause periodically to avoid timeouts and to allow station ID or local operator control. Pauses will occur automatically between news sections where the Morse code K is sent, or if the transmission goes for more than three minutes. Most news sections are less than two minutes. When audio playback is complete the connection is dropped. Users may disconnect at any time. The ARRL Audio News is usually updated weekly on Friday.

If you use the RoIP system to air the ARRL Audio News on your local repeater or transmitter, please send E-mail to to let them know. Or if you have questions about the RoIP audio service, please send an E-mail to

EchoLink nodes may connect to the conference *ARRLNEWS* node number 826983.

IRLP nodes may connect to experimental IRLP node number 0099. IRLP node owners must enable experimental node access by editing the custom/environment file to include the line:

Allstar nodes may connect to Allstar node 516229 in monitor mode to hear ARRL Audio news. The first node to connect starts the audio news playback. Additional nodes connecting after the first node starts playback may hear only the later part of the audio news. Any node that transmits to 516229 will automatically be disconnected, since muting incoming connections is not available in Allstar. Connecting in monitor mode will avoid disconnects during playback. Although all nodes should automatically be disconnected when the audio news completes, monitor your connection and disconnect your node if necessary.

Allstar nodes may utilize chan_echolink or chan_tlb channel driver modules to connect via EchoLink or theLinkbox (tlb). If using chan_tlb include a line similar to the following in the tlb.conf [nodes] stanza section.
1099 = *ARRLNEWS*,,44966,ULAW

No conferencing or communication is provided between connected nodes. Each connected node hears a seperate copy of the audio stream. Echolink connections utilize the GSM CODEC. IRLP and other connections default to the uncompressed or u-law CODEC.

The *ARRLNEWS* system is similar to the *NEWSLINE* system provided by Skip WB6YMH.

Support: Contact WD5M concerning the ARRLNEWS RoIP server.